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Vitamix 3600 Specifications | eHow
Vitamix 3600 Specifications. The Vitamix company has been producing high-powered blenders since 1937. The Vitamix 3600 was a model released in 1969. While Vitamix has ...

How to Use Vitamix 3600 | eHow
How to Use Vitamix 3600. Vitamix is a company that manufactures blenders and drink machines for both home and commercial use. These blenders can be used to freeze and ...

vitamix 3600 cooking demo - YouTube
Vitamix 3600 preparing a curried carrot soup for Ebay auction to show the condition and operation of the machine.

Vita-Mix review 10 reasons I like my Vita-Mix 3600 and 2 I ...
Here are my 10 reasons I like my Vitamix 3600 blender food processor, and two reasons I don't. My Vitamix 33600 is over 30 years old and I bought it for a ...

MooHealth | Health the quick & easy way
Health the quick & easy way ... Smoothies for clear skinIf you’re like me, you have probably tried to get clear skin by using many facial products, and honestly ...


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  • VitaMix

    Vita Mix 3600 Blender

    Kitchen (VitaMix)

    Wooden Tamper included
    2 HP Motor
    72 Ounce Capacity Stainless Steel Container

  • Vitamix

    Vitamix Drive Socket Kit

    Kitchen (Vitamix)

    Check the condition of your socket drive every 3-4 months
    Allen wrench included
    Make sure the teeth are sharp and in good working order
    Kit includes instructions

  • JSP Manufacturing

    Vitamix Gasket Seal Fits Action Dome 3600, 3600 plus, Vita Mixer 4000 Blender

    Kitchen (JSP Manufacturing)

    Picture of dome is for your reference only. THE DOME IS NOT INCLUDED LISTING IS FOR GASKET SEAL ONLY
    This is not a Vitamix product . Vita-Mix encourages customers to buy accessories which are not made by their company. Vita-Mix does not endorse the sale of this item. This item is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. May not meet the quality of Vita-Mix valuable brands.
    Fits 3600, 3600 Plus & 4000 Vita-Mix Action Domes

  • Vitamix Blenders

    Vitamix Accelerator/Tamper Tool

    Kitchen (Vitamix Blenders)
    List Price: $15.56

    Tool allows for processing thick, dense ingredients.
    Design not to come in contact with the blade.
    Pushes food down into the Vitamix processing blades.
    Not for use with the low profile 64 oz. containers found on the Pro 300 or Pro 750.
    For use with standard 64 oz. containers, will not work with the 48 oz container.

  • Vitamix

    Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

    Kitchen (Vitamix)

    Fits standard household 64 and 32 oz containers.
    Fits standard commercial 64, 48, and 32 oz containers.
    Does not fit new household low-profile 64 container or 48 ounce container.
    Does not fit commercial MP, XP, Advance or XL containers.

  • Vita-Mix

    Vita-Mix 000836 Heavy Retainer Nut with O-Ring

    Home Improvement (Vita-Mix)

    Genuine OEM replacement part
    Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance
    Vita-Mix has a full line of award winning professional blenders for commercial and residential applications

  • Vitamix

    Vitamix Wrench

    Kitchen (Vitamix)

  • Vita-Mix Corporation

    Vita-Mix Flexible Lid with Plug for 64 Ounce Container (04-0085) Category: Blenders

    Kitchen (Vita-Mix Corporation)
    List Price: $45.43
    Price: $25.00
    You Save: $20.43 (45%)

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wet Dry Six Blade Replacement for Vita-Mix 1151 and 1152, Vitamix Blade


    The product being sold is not manufactured by Vita-Mix. The product is a commercial grade after-market replacement.
    For the following Vita-Mix Models: 1002, 1230, 5000, 5006, 5012, 5039, 5057, 6300, BarBoss, 5039, VITA-MIX, VM0100, VM0100A, VM0102B, VM0103, Total Nutrition Centers, Vita-Prep, Drink Machine Models
    Commercial Grade Replacement for Vita-Mix 1151 1152, Wet and Ice Blade, Agitator Vitamix blade
    Will NOT work on the Vitamix 3600 and 5200.
    Will NOT fit on ANY stainless steel container.