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    Is Tourism Haiti's Magic Bullet?

  • the primary reason tourists visit Haiti right now is to “see family or friends or to volunteer in aid development projects” violent crime was “rarely” experienced by tourists, in spite of travel warnings the perception of Haiti as a safe place to... The Brazil-based Institute recently released a Strategic Note by called “Is Tourism Haiti’s Magic Bullet,” which surveyed tourists currently visiting the country about their experiences. But the prospects for tourism remain “highly uncertain,” the Institute said, cautioning that Haiti needed to be mindful of both the kinds of tourists visiting the country and the impact of tourism on the local population.

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Jun 21, 2013 by Roman, Jr. | Posted in Hunting

trigger reset kit for glock and "magic" laser bullet?

Hello, Filipino gun enthusiasts! Just wondering if you guys know of any gun store here in Manila that sells the glock trigger reset kit and "magic" laser bullet. I happened to watch a demo from youtube and I think it's a great dry-firing tool. I called the main Philippine dealer TrustTrade, but they don't have this device yet.

Bob | Jun 21, 2013
just google dry fire laser + your location. After that just order it online.
Jun 19, 2013 by Nero | Posted in Comics & Animation

What "unique" ability should this character have?

The basic synopsis, is that two prisoners escape from a facility that has been experimenting on people with abnormal magical abilities; and become bounty hunters. This takes place an world where magic is common, and recognized as part of science. In fact, machines in this world are powered by ether, the same energy used to create spells. I already know what kind of magic I want her to use, but I need some sort of ability that would give the government motive to capture and experiment on her. Something that is outside the usual magic. For example, the other prisoner that escaped with her is both an immortal, as well as one of the last remaining lycanthropes (they were obviously trying to replicate his immortality). I need something that would give them similar motive to experiment on her. Personality: At first glance, she seems extremely cold and robotic; she rarely shows any emotions, and instead chooses to try and bottle it up. She can also be very child like (easily getting scared in the dark, or when alone etc.), and has an extreme temper. She considers her partner (the immortal), an idiot; and often jokes that he's gone senile in his old age, or that he has been shot in the head too many times. Despite this, she has grown feeling for her partner; and often blushes whenever he does something remotely romantic. For example, in one scene he has his regenerative powers disabled, but still jumps in front of a bullet for her. (she blushes until she finds out that the real reason he jumped in front, was because he forgot he wouldn't regenerate; after that she got pissed.) Telepathy is rare, but it's not considered unusual. People with it don't get locked up, so it wouldn't make sense for her. In fact they are usually given pretty high rankings and are employed as interrogators.

♪ Kallista ♪ | Jun 19, 2013
She should be able to fly, teleport, or have telekinesis. :)
littleDragon | Jun 19, 2013
Well I know that common reasons for the government to want people locked away are for things they can't understand.. Like the ability to read minds. Or temporarily controll others. Or the ability to see the future... Those are a few examples..
Empire539 | Jun 19, 2013
Magic is common in this universe, so the only reason why a large organization like the government would go after these two people is if they can do something highly desirable that everyone else can't. Immortality is a very good example for the other character, so this character should have something similar. If I were the government, there are two main reasons why I might go after her: 1) She has an extremely unique ability that would give me even more power if I were able to replicate it 2) She has an ability to know the deep, dark secrets that I would try to hide. Going with (1), some superpowers that come to mind might be... a) Time control - the power to control history / what events happen is the power to rule the world, after all. She probably wouldn't really be able to control this power much at all at first, though. b) Mind control - be able to "push" thoughts into another person's head, making it seem like their own c) Some God-like reality-warping ability - for example, being able to temporarily bend physics to her will (change matter of a substance, cause events that are normally impossible even for magic, etc...). Obviously, she wouldn't be able to use this ability too much else she would be vastly overpowered, but it would definitely be extremely valuable to have. d) The power to use other powers - again, she would be OP if used too much. e) The ability to use the ether as her own energy source instead of the basis of spells to do all sorts of strange things (up to you how you want to imagine that) Going with (2), there are some more subtle powers on how she would be able to know secrets... a) Telepathy - but a very different kind than the "normal" telepathy. Instead of just reading minds, she can read every part of a person's thinking, e.g. every experience he's had, what he's afraid of, how he reacts when something happens, ... b) Super deduction

Magic Bullet - Bookshelf

266 pages

No Magic Bullet, A Social History of Venereal Disease in the United States Since 1880

Creator: Allam M. Brandt | Medical - 1987

Seven hundred illustrations and specially prepared drawings enhance this comprehensive narrative history of architecture and urbanism from the prehistoric environment of the Stone Age to Post-Modernism which encompasses Western and non ...

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

About this book
From Victorian anxieties about syphilis to the current hysteria over herpes and AIDS, the history of venereal disease in America forces us to examine social attitudes as well as purely medical concerns. In No Magic Bullet, Allan M. Brandt recounts the various medical, military, and public health responses that have arisen over the years--a broad spectrum that ranges from the incarceration of prostitutes during World War I to the establishment of required premarital blood tests.Brandt demonstrates that Americans' concerns about venereal disease have centered around a set of social and cultural values related to sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and class. At the heart of our efforts to combat these infections, he argues, has been the tendency to view venereal disease as both a punishment for sexual misconduct and an index of social decay. This tension between medical and moral approaches has significantly impeded efforts to develop "magic bullets"--drugs that would rid us of the disease--as well as effective policies for controlling the infections' spread.In the paper edition of No Magic Bullet, Brandt adds to his perceptive commentary on the relationship between medical science and cultural values a new chapter on AIDS. Analyzing this latest outbreak in the context of our previous attitudes toward sexually transmitted diseases, he hopes to provide the insights needed to guide us to the policies that will best combat the disease.

400 pages

The Magic Bullet

Creator: Harry Stein | 1996-04-01

Landing a position with the prestigious American Cancer Foundation, Dr. Daniel Logan is shocked when he learns of the foundation's secret deadly experiments, which he is threatened to never reveal.

Publisher: Island Books

About this book
Daniel Logan has the world at his feet. As the most gifted young doctor at New York City's top medical facility, he's been aggressively wooed to join an exclusive, lucrative private practice in the city. Money, celebrity status, and great perks--but Logan turns it all down. For he's more interested in a different kind of fame. Logan wants to help find a cure for cancer, and is accepted into the prestigious American Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C., to do research with some of the best minds in medicine--and also some of the most ruthless, cut-throat scientists, who will stop at nothing to protect their own cancer-combative drug studies. In "The Magic Bullet, Harry Stein brilliantly depicts the brutal, deadly competitive world of the A.C.l, where egomaniacal senior scientists jealously guard their research turf from up-and-coming young doctors like Logan and the other new researchers. When Logan and two of his colleagues unearth a component that may effectively help fight breast cancer, he learns first-hand just how desperate these scientists are. As the doctors at A.C.I. use all their influence to sabotage his research, Logan frantically searches for more information about this wonder drug, the missing piece in the breast cancer puzzle, before the A.C.I. destroys his career. But the show-down between Logan and the A.C.I. has even greater implications--the life of a highly-placed woman in American politics is in jeopardy, and only Logan's compound can help. "The Magic Bullet is a first-rate, gripping medical thriller, filled with fascinating--and terrifying--details about the cold-blooded world of high-stakes cancer research. Harry Stein takes a disturbing look at theivory tower world of medicine, where hubris, not commitment and compassion, is the rule.

258 pages

Magic Cancer Bullet, How a Tiny Orange Pill is Rewriting Medical History

Creator: Daniel Vasella | Business & Economics - 2003-06-03

Discusses the development and potential of the cancer drug Gleevec, tracing its laboratory successes, the efforts to acquire the drug's FDA approval, and the stories of patients with cancer whose lives have been positively impacted.

Publisher: HarperCollins

About this book
The remarkable story behind the revolutionary miracle cure for cancer, Gleevec. Novartis chairman Dr Dan Vasella describes its development and how he and Novartis orchestrated the break–neck approval and massive production of this amazing drug. Pharmaceutical giant Novartis recently developed Gleevec, one of the first 'smart' drugs created to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells in the process. In early tests with a common form of leukemia and other types of cancer, Gleevec has been extraordinarily successful, and side effects have been astoundingly minimal. Gleevec communicates directly with cancer–causing chromosomes and interrupts the signal that causes excessive growth of certain white blood cells. Patients have seen their tumours shrink significantly, and some have disappeared altogether. This is the inside story of the creation of this miracle drug, and how Novartis CEO and chairman Dan Vasella rallied the company to bring Gleevec to market in mass quantities and record time.

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  • Magic Bullet

    Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

    Kitchen (Magic Bullet)
    List Price: $59.99

    Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
    17-piece high-speed mixing system chops, whips, blends, and more
    Includes power base, 2 blades, 2 cups, 4 mugs, 4 colored comfort lip rings, 2 sealed lids, 2 vented lids, and recipe book
    Microwave- and freezer-safe cups and mugs; dishwasher-safe parts
    Durable see-through construction; press down for results in 10 seconds or less

  • Homeland Housewares

    Magic Bullet Express Deluxe 26-piece Mixer & Blender (25-piece with Bonus Ice Shaver Blade)

    Kitchen (Homeland Housewares)
    List Price: $79.99

    Features: 26 Piece Set, chop, mix, blend whip and grind, Recipe Book, 1-yr Limited Warranty - Use to mix, cook & store ingredients; microwave safe - Use it to blend milkshakes, frozen drinks, smoothies, pancake batter
    Blend & serve drinks in same mug; colored rings help you keep track of drinks
    Magic Bullet Express Deluxe 26-piece Mixer & Blender (25-piece with Bonus Ice Shaver Blade) Now included: New Ice Shaver Blade. Turns ice into snow!
    - Blade Material: Stainless Steel - Brand: Magic Bullet - Height: 6.5 in. - Weight: 2.3 lb.
    Make: Mousse, sorbet, frozen cocktails & smoothies, ground coffee, frozen coffee, part dips & more!

  • The Nutrition Nut 1688290521

    Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System

    Kitchen (The Nutrition Nut 1688290521)
    List Price: $119.99

    Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes
    High-torque power base and 600-watt motor
    Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes
    Power, patented blade design with cyclonic action
    Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

  • Unknown

    Magic Bullet Power Base

    Kitchen (Unknown)

    "Magic Bullet" Replacement Parts: Power Base!
    Not for Nutribullet

  • Hamilton Beach

    Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black

    Kitchen (Hamilton Beach)
    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $5.95
    You Save: $16.04 (73%)

    Simple one touch pulse operation for fast, easy blending
    Compact design ideal for small living spaces and on-the-go portability
    14-oz. blending jar also functions as portable travel cup that fits most car drink holders
    Efficient 175-watt motor provides all the power you need for fast, reliable performance
    Great for making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings
    BPA free in food zones: blender jar contains no BPA (bisphenol A)

  • Homeland Housewares

    Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blenders

    Kitchen (Homeland Housewares)
    List Price: $129.99

    Dishwasher Safe Parts
    Easy to Use: Just Push and Twist
    Hardcover Recipe Book Included
    900 watt motor
    15-Piece set

  • Ninja

    Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

    Kitchen (Ninja)
    List Price: $49.99

    Create, store, microwave and serve!
    Perfect, Even Chopping
    Frozen Blending
    Anti-spill splashguard, easy-flip pour spout, and no slip base
    Quad blade technology has unique processing power for uniform cutting and ice crushing action
    2 conveniently sized jars
    Includes 48 and 40-ounce master prep pitchers and 16-ounce master prep bowl
    Interchangeable 400 Watt Power Pod
    Blender function features large 48-ounce pitcher has easy pour spout and no slip bottom
    2-cup processor minces, dices, chops, blends and purees

  • Velvet Cake

    2 Replacement Cross Blades for the Magic Bullet Blender Juicer Mixer

    Kitchen (Velvet Cake)

    Not for Nutribullet
    We make no claims that these are original Magic Bullet products. We are not associated with Homeland Housewares LLC.
    2 Replacement Cross Blades FOR the Magic Bullet
    Each blade comes with 1 HIGH QUALITY gasket (2 total gaskets per order.)

  • Cuisinart

    Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System, Black

    Kitchen (Cuisinart)
    List Price: $130.00

    Powerful 350-watt motor with a sleek electronic touchpad and LED indicator lights
    ABS housing with stainless steel front panel
    High, low and pulse controls with a patented ultra sharp stainless steel blade
    BPA-free tritan 32-ounce blender cup, 8-ounce chopper cup and a set of four 16-ounce "To-Go" cups
    Standby Mode; Safety interlock and Auto Stop features

  • Magic Bullet

    Ice Shaver Blade for Magic Bullet Food Processor

    Kitchen (Magic Bullet)

    Ideal for making slushies and frozen drinks
    Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Blade for Cocktails & Kiddie Treats